About Laura T

I’ve been in publishing since 2012 and freelancing as an editor since 2018. With all types of writing I edit, communication takes precedence over convention.

My Professional Pursuits

It took me a little while, but I’m finally lucky enough to be doing the work I love! Before I got into publishing, I worked as a property insurance actuary in pricing, financial reporting, and risk management. It’s great when I’m able to bring my experience in statistics and economics to the books I edit.

My experience is mainly in nonfiction – especially science, education, and English language teaching – books and digital materials. I recently started copyediting novels as well. I like to take on a variety of jobs, so contact me to find out what I can bring to your project.

I’ve expanded my services locally by becoming commissioned as a notary in the state of Texas. In time, I plan to handle loan documents, immigration forms, and remote notarization. For now, I notarize acknowledgements and jurats in Montgomery and Harris Counties.

Beyond the Books

I was born in South Florida and now live outside of Houston, Texas, far from the beach but close to family. My oldest niblings describe me as liking “scary stuff” and “rock and roll.” I may have worded things differently, but they’re not wrong.

I have a BA in statistics from Rice University in Texas and an MA in publishing from Oxford Brookes University in the UK. In 2020, I completed the Poynter ACES Advanced Editing Certificate to supplement and refresh my skillset, and I was thrilled to attend ACES EMERGE in San Antonio 2022.

Now that I’m freelancing full-time, I take advantage of my more flexible schedule to volunteer. I value community involvement, intentional use of inclusive language, and a mindset of empathetic collaboration.

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