Editorial Services

I provide editorial, stylistic, and analytical services for a wide range of materials. If I’m not a great match for your project, I will try to connect you to someone who is.

Primary Services

I am a copyeditor and proofreader for all formats. Although I’m not a content editor, I’ve performed some in-depth editing of short nonfiction writings and have the Poynter ACES Advanced Editing Certificate.


  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Reference editing
  • Word styling

Other Skills

There’s much more I can offer you and your organization than what is listed below. Just get in touch with me about your needs so we can discuss whether and how I can exceed them.

Other services I’ve provided for my clients:

  • Alpha testing
  • Commissioning short articles
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Image and table enhancement
  • Keyword research
  • Web editing
  • Writing macros in Excel and Word