Resources for Notary Clients

Trouble understanding the process? Questions? Need a form? You might find what you need here. If you don’t, let me know. This page is updated regularly.


Does my document need to have a section on it for the notarization?

No, I can notarize documents without certificates (the notary stamp area) on them. Look at Texas sample certificate forms or my free downloadable forms. You can create or print your own notarial certificate or you can ask me to bring a hard copy to our appointment.

I know what I am trying to do, but I don’t know how to create (or fill in) my document. Can you help me?

I can try! The main point of this page is to share the information I can with you without giving legal advice. You might find a link here that clears things up, and you can ask me any questions, but I cannot give any advice about your document (other than how we’ll complete the certificate).

Do I need an attorney?

While I cannot give you any advice as to whether or not you need a lawyer, I might be able to refer you to a law firm. Ever heard of a virtual legal advice clinic? They let you ask questions online. For some platforms, the service is free.

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